Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random June Snackage

Lord of The Fries

Oh we all love it. Whether it be a snacky lunch eaten standing up, eyeing off the benches in proximity, or a post midnight chips and mini burgers feast that never tasted so good, eaten slightly slumped in a tram/taxi/train whatevs.

And they now have lettuce in their very sneakily vegetarian burgers too. Wow!

Here are some chips I ate in one of those 2am situations.

Usually I'm not the biggest fan of LOTF fries. You see, they are based on the Belgium/Amsterdam version of fries (or frites) which is basically fries in a cone, random toppings (from gravy, cheese, satay, etc.) and teensy scooping forks. The inherent problem is that I have fortunately experienced the real thing in Amsterdam, and they were literally genuinely amazing. Also in Amsterdam every "fritehaus" had the option of mustard...or moutarde..alas LOTF offer no such option, so they lose major points. However, on this late evening, LOTF F's were deliciously pleasing, crisp, adorned in gravy and also upsized free of charge.

Their burgers are good too. Plain but amazing. And they have mustard, which I do love.

Lord Of The Fries
Corner of Elizabeth and Flinders St
Melbourne City.

Cafe Rosamond

Cafe Rosamond is a cute little package nestled off Smith Street, Fitzroy. Contained within this package there are (usually) amazing beans. Rich and tomatoey, wonderful served alongside their gloriously decadent herby avocado salad and chewy sourdough bread. However, on the occasion that my camera and I were both dining at Cafe Rosamond they had sadly sold all their beans, every last one!

I consumed a baguette instead. It had avocado within its realms, so I was sated. And nice crunchy, sharp, pointy, occasionally ouchy bread.

Camera and I will return at a later date for beans. But you dont need photos to prove their incredibleness. Go eat them this weekend!

Cafe Rosamond
Rear 191 Smith St

Gaylord Indian Restaurant

I am much too grown up to say anything about the name. And it is definitely not the reason that this restaurant appealed to me, no way, never, at all. Nah uh.

The restaurant is enormously, charmingly garish and the menu, as with most Indian places, offers a vast range of curries to choose from.

As this was quite some time ago, I cant remember exactly what was eaten, though there was some eggplant, and also something else with lentils, and possibly the best roti/paratha/naan I have ever eaten. In fact, chuck the curries into that mix as well. They were spectacularly delicious, and you can choose your heat level as well, which is comforting.
Best curries and breads this side of Chinatown. At Gaylord. Yep.


4 Tattersalls Lane

Chinatown, Melbourne


Cindy said...

Heh, I really like that photo of the finished Indian meal - it brings to mind the full and satisfied feeling I always have at that stage. :-)

I have an unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Fries - it's never quite as good as I want it to be, but mini vego burgers and chips with all those sauces are a dream come true for me!

Anonymous said...

please do another post ;) You're great at it!

meatwad said...

The fries and burgers at Lord Of Fries are absolutely incredible...and no they don't taste like the "real thing" from Amsterdam and Belgium, because they are 100% veg and vegan - not cooked in Horse lard.
We should support places that cater to vegans/veg - this is a way the worrl may reduce their meat intake

Buttons said...

Thanks for the comment meatwad. I do agree that the burgers from LOTF are incredible, but -taste being a wholly personal and subjective thing- I dont think the fries are all that amazing - I have had better VEGAN (vegetable oil based) fries both within Australia and overseas.

I do believe I am supporting several vegan friendly eateries simply by (sporadically) updating this blog - but I am also entitled to my own opinion regarding likes and dislikes. I am reviewing places after all, not advertising them.

I do appreciate your comments though. If you want to try the best vegan fries in Melbourne, head to Jims on High St in Northcote. Guaranteed no horse lard, only deliciously vegan friendly crisp and golden fries. You can thank me later ;)

meatwad said...

Thanks for yr reply,
Yes you are doing yr bit - I agree with that. Lord of the Fries is (in my opinion) by far the tastiest chips in Melbourne, maybe worldwide. I have tried Jims in Northcote as I live very close - and he does make some great chips - not in the same league as LOTF I feel. Each to his own. No-one in Melbourne (as far as I know) double cook their fries (as in Europe) and take the care and time. I guess Im hooked! Enjoy Jims - Ill enjoy the Lords. They are doing a great service for our vegan community and what the world needs more of are places like these, that take care and love in preparing their food, and use no meat products. The exciting thing about LOTF is that they have a real chance of taking it nationally, and challenging meat chains - wouldnt that be the start of something great --- vegans unite! And Ill continue to support yr blog as I have discovered some good places to eat.
All the best

Buttons said...

Thanks meatwad, I'm glad you understand that my lack of enthusiasm regarding LOTF chips stems solely from my tastebuds.

I am however, very much looking forward to sampling their breakfast menu as I'm a big fan of their burgers and it will be exciting to have a wider choice of fillings!

Is there any chance you are employed by LOTF at all, as you seem to know a bit about their plans and operations? If so - lucky! And secondarily, any chance of a mustardy based chip sauce in the near future? It could be just the thing to turn me around! :)

meatwad said...

Ha ha -- unfortunately I dont work for them...tho I work down the road and seem to end up there every other day. I know about their fries through the newsletter they have on their counter. Their breakfast sounds interesting but unfortunately not many vegan options it seems...don't know if there will be anything for me really...but I'll try it out.
Next time Ill there Ill mention a mustard sauce to them.
Cheers and happy eating

Anonymous said...

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