Saturday, March 28, 2009

a burger, some fancy stuff, sydney and then i'm done! least until i am able to stimulate the economy by buying a camera. with my $900. when i get it. *taps foot impatiently*.

so, this is the remainder of the backlog that's been floating around various technological devices of mine for the last couple months. enjoy! and thanks eternally for the motivating feedback on the last post, extremely blushworthy making to know i had been so missed!

The Organic Food and Wine Deli (TOFWD)

Whilst working normal people (daytime) hours during my holidays (working? holidays? blergh), i became somewhat enamoured slash unsuitably obsessed with a certain burger from TOFWD (yes, i actually say it like it looks).

This is him.


Gorgeous, no?

That would be the tofu burger. Wholesome, sesame seed studded bun, lettuce, shredded carrot and beetroot (and i normally abhor beetroot, so we know we're onto a good thing here) and a somewhat spicy tofu patty. I wish i could remember what it tasted of a little better, but it's been sometime since we parted ways (and I resumed working hours more akin to the lazy student call centre worker I am). So let's just go with....delicious. TOFWD (say it!!) also do a really swell mushroom and tofu pie, and i am quite the fan of their sugar free/wheat free bran flour muffins. Also a cute boy works there. I'll stop now.

28 Degraves St


I'll tell ya something. Usually I only go to Shakahari if someone else is paying. It's kinda expensive (for my budget). But my buddy Alicia only has one birthday a year, and if she wants to go to Shakahari, and if i perhaps have to dig behind the couch for spare change to make that happen, well, that's exactly what will happen! I mean, I even drank a glass of wine! Big, huge, massive spender.

Anyway, enough about my thrilling finances and more about the food!

Whilst i cant seem to find any pictures of the eggplant avocado rolls, you can be deadset positive that we ate the hell out of them. A visit to Shakahari is well incomplete without these battered coins of delicious glory swimming in their emerald green sea of...delicious glory.

However, my brain worked just a little better when it came to our mains and i took some shitty photographs for you, observe.


That above? That was my choice. If I could remember it's most whimsical names (it's a Shakahari thing, whimsy is.) I'd tell you it, but i dont, so i wont. Basically a mushroomy risotto framed by bok choy, mushrooms and a pickled style red capsicum. And I wince as I write this, but it was kinda a little tiny bit, maybe just a smidgen boring. And bland. From the menu description, it sounded like it would cause serious mouth explosions, but - no. Not bad, but not amazing. No explosions.


Alicia went with a curry platter that contained a selection of different curries and a grain. Pleasant.


The croquettes were delicious! Crispy and crunchy and full of flavour. Sarah had this. Meal envy rising.


MEAL ENVY PEAKING PEAKING PEAKING! The spaghetti (though a fancier word for spaghetti was used, I do believe) is out of this world amazing. Some variety of lemon myrtle pesto, greens and slow cooked tomato topped with soy cheese just about blew my mind. Jacquie getting full early on was possibly the number one standout moment of my life so far, because it meant that I got to finish this amazing thing. Yes!

And then Sarah and I, in our (mainly mine) never ending gluttony, got dessert.


The creme brulee style thing. I used to get the hots for this thing like whoa back in my early vegan days, then they took it off the menu, enragedness ensued, they put it back on, and now I kinda didn't think it was anything too amazing. Unsure if the recipe has changed or if my tastebuds just demand more from life, but it was only average. Comfortingly blobbly (wobbly vs blobby), pleasant caramel sauce, not displeasing pistachios. It was good, but not mind blowing, like it used to be. Oh well.


201-203 Faraday St


Guess what? I tricked you about Sydney. I've got these pictures of these glorious pancakes that I ate there, but they haven't made it off my phone yet. They will. Patience my pretties, patience.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

let me catch you 1.

I have no excuses for what I have become, that is, a lazy, lazy blogger. It's not like I haven't been consistently gorging myself, or neglecting to take photos, or had no access to the Internet. I've been doing all three, in spades. I just plain suck. But now that I am back at uni, I feel my life once again has the structure that it was lacking over the summer holidays. By structure I mean motivation to do anything but snooze in the backyard. So. The purpose of this post is basically to spew up a season's worth of food photography and perhaps a few lines about each of them, just to kinda sorta start afresh, and do it properly. Okay?

Let's do this.

Satay Bar


Satay Bar is quite possibly the closest eatery to my work that offers something but noodles swimming in oily slop or undercooked falafel, so it wouldn't be too far from the truth to say that I eat there often, especially now that they are open until 7pm. They offer vegetable, tofu and spicy tofu skewers as far as the vegan friendly offerings are, served on a bed of rice with cubed veggie salad and "krupuk" - like prawn crackers with, er, no prawn. But crispy. For an extra 20 cents, they'll give you an additional scoop of satay sauce. Pay the extra 20 cents. You wont never regret it.

Satay Bar

Corner of Flinders Lane and Custom House Lane, Melbourne city.

Friend's of the Earth

Despite regularly frequenting Smith Street like the trendy hipster that I am, I've never really had much use for FOE apart from using them for their noticeboards. With so many other fine eateries in the area, I've been so neglectful of FOE, so when I found myself paying for a huge plate of food with coins I dug up in my change purse (I dont actually have a change purse, just so you know) I wondered to myself why I had been such a jerk?


Though simple, the food was actually really filling and delicious. A huge variety of legumes, grains and freshly prepared vegetables, you will leave the table feeling satisfied and super healthy, smug in the knowledge that yes you did just eat a meal that supplied you with a complete protein! Oh those elusive eight essential amino acids, unsynthesisable by the human body! I have heard that the food can be a bit hit and miss, depending on whose running the kitchen on the day, but I can definitely say, this day was a good one.

Friends of the Earth

312 Smith Street



Kinda greasy, undervegetabled noodles. Teensy (for me) serving? Super long wait to get them? Lack of any other veggie friendly options? Meh.


Though I must say, Kristy was mighty impressed with the banquet option, so perhaps that might be the wiser choice. But they've lost me, lost me forever. Unless you're paying?

Iku Yakitori

139 Sydney Road


Food my friend Mark cooked for me, and others.

I must say, dinner parties are the new black.



There's nothing quite like a mid afternoon text message, just as you're lamenting the lack of food in the house and money in your back account, inviting you to what you know will be an amazing meal shared with good folk. And it was. Thanks Mark!

I cant remember...

where or what this was. Though it appears to be some kind of muesli. With some kind of fruit on it. Possibly...pear. My powers of deduction amaze even me.


Kristy & Toby's BIG MARRIAGE DAY!!

A small selection of the food pics from the loveliest wedding I have ever attended!



Ooooh I only seem to have these two pictures. My uploading skills are lacking. Spose I'll be back with part two in oooooh, another four months. NO I KID, I KID!! Three months.

Oh and my camera is broken. Bum.