Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ancient stuff from old digicam (R.I.P)

So I swapped the 1 gig storage disk from my old camera into my new camera, y'know, for the days when I really eat alot and need the extra room both in belly and in picture storage.

Subsequently, I found a couple of bits of really old food pornage, so I'll post it here without too much fanfare just to get it out of the way!

Laksa Me

I'm big into laksa, huge into it, so I was really looking forward to visiting an establishment that actually wanted to laksa me! I'd turned up once and it was shut, and heartbreaking as that was, it was nowhere near as disappointing/ed as I felt when it was open.

To ease you in, let's start with the entrees? We had them, and they were incredible!

Coming out on a fancy schmance platter were little veggie filled money bags, and the second thing, not sure what, kinda samosa looking memory escapes me, but it was six months ago!



Now these entrees were up there with the best of them, easily comparable to the stuff you get at Shakahari, but cheaper. Special looking, beautifully presented and delicious.

However, I was here for the laksa, and felt much glee at seeing it on the table in front of me...that is until I dug in.


This was more of a swampy quagmire than a laksa, truth be told. It was very, very heavy on too soggy rice noodles and very light on veggies and tofu. The soup was awfully spicy hot, and I'm no chilli baby either, but I could not handle it! Also it had a kind of grittiness to it, not like sand..more like undissolved icing sugar. I like my laksa juice smooth and fully liquidized thankyou!

I dont want to get too snitchy, it may have just been a bad day on the laksa front, or perhaps I just dont know good, authentic laksa? I was well and truly bummed. And jealous of Rocket's pad thai, which was amazing, by the way. No photo though.

Laksa Me
Shop 1, 16 Liverpool St


So I went on a drive with my mother, and somehow we ended up at Montsalvat. Montsalvat was originally an artist's community, but now its mainly used for seminars, weddings, exhibitions and other such activities.

There is a cute little restaurant on site though as you can imagine, the vegan options are scarce so I ended up with the mixed mushroom pizza, drizzled with truffle oil and topped with lots of deliciously fresh rocket leaves. Hold whatever trendy cheese it also contained.


Mmmm it was so good! The mushroom mix was something I've never had before, so many strong tastes and interesting textures, each mouthful was slightly different. However, I will have to keep my adoration under wraps, as the price was (if I remember correctly) close to $20. I guess thats the price you pay to eat in a location once inhabited by starving artists.

If you do come, make it a sunny day. Then you can go for a swim at the most excellent swimming hole down the road, Laughing Waters. Be aware that it is the Yarra though. And there's snakes. Apart from that, good!

7 Hillcrest Ave

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lisa said...

I love Montsalvat! It's also possible to take a picnic and eat on the gorgeous lawns, looking out to the city. Beautiful place.