Saturday, May 17, 2008

..and pot lucks are back in fashion!

Well, this wasn't quite a pot luck, but last Saturday I attended my darling Harriet's birthday drinks at the East Brunswick Club, and besides the most excellently gluttonous food on the menu (I partook in a -wait for it- bacon cheese burger! No way! Yes way!) which I absolutely neglected to take photos of in my inexcusable piggish rush to get it in my mouth, there were byo birthday cakes (and pie).

This was them:


What you have there is a very badly photographed pair of sweets worth saving some room for. even when confronted with a bacon cheeseburger.

The hairy fluffball on the left is my own stolen creation, a Coconut Custard Pie. An amalgamation of several recipes (two) from Veganomicon and My Sweet Vegan this pie was definitely worth the sitting around and waiting time it took to construct it! Basically a hobnob base with a tofu based topping, it rendered my 25 years worth of coconut adoration into a single pie slice, and it was beautiful.

Enough about my pie!

Check this!


I believe this was called *clears throat* chocolate peanutbutter somekind of chocolate chippery cheesecake with spelt crust (gluten free oyesmygod!). It was lovingly prepared by my brilliant friend Sarah, who truth be told is one of my vegan idols. I continue to be amazed and awed by the wondrous gastronomic creations that come out of her kitchen, and, hot off the presses, you too can be amazed and awed. How so? Her cake was so impressive to the staff at the East Brunswick Club, that Sarah will now be absolutely devestating their kitchens with her cake cookery on a regular basis, so be sure to check it out! You will not be disappointed. And if you are, well you will have me to deal with, wont you? Probably not. But it doesn't matter, you wont be disappointed!!

Also, dessert special of the night?


Badly photographed vegan banana split. Yes, you read right.

And apologies in advance for the sheer influx of East Brunswick Club related posts. My bestie works there now, so I'm sure to be a frequent guest of the establishment. And how!

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon St
East Brunswick


Anonymous said...

was it a real bacon cheese burger or a "bacon cheese burger"? hehehe

Buttons said...

well is this a vegan blog, or a "vegan blog"? ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe good point im a meat eater so perhaps thought it was a real cheese burger.