Friday, May 23, 2008

Misbehaving camera

.....Or maybe its just me?

This post is way overdue, I'm in the middle of exam hell, it's midnight and I just got back from yet ANOTHER potluck ('tis the season!) so I'm going to do something really, really nasty and wrong. I'm going to post photos, bad photos, with hardly a comment.

These photos are from a potluck hosted by my lovely (and now famous) friend Sarah, who bakes the wondrous cakes at The East Brunswick Club. You know the ones. She is a lady of many talents, including hosting most amazing dinners for her birthday!
Here are the photos, just imagine me trying to elbow a horde of people out of the way so I could take photos of things in their untouched, natural state. Not easy.

Less typing more photos!

PS. I know these photos are shocking, shocking, shocking, but I just want people to see the wonderful things my friends can cook! Please, look past the blur and see the sugar stained goodness inside!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hey, I see the choc chip cookies I made! Damn, so wrong that I didn't actually get to come to the potluck and enjoy the rest of that awesome-looking food :(

(I baked the cookies for my brother to take as he was too busy to make them. I bet he took credit for my work!)