Sunday, June 8, 2008

Comfort food: a photo essay.

Well, I've come a long way since the three-slices-of-Kraft cheddar (individually wrapped thanks) and white bread toasties, but not that far. The basic concept is still the same!

This was my pre 11:30am biology class breakfast some weeks back.

Start off with some super amazing impressive and fabulous Kolios vegan cheese from Queen Victoria Market's deli section.

Assemble with a great care, that leads you to be a half hour late for class. Cheeser slices, very finely diced tomato (nothing worse than a molten hot burning tomato strip leaving third degree burns on your chin as you pull it out of the sandwich), chopped mushroom (swiss brown), and fresh basil leaves from my tiny herbarium out back.
Assembled on some nice oat or spelt bread. I cant remember. One or the other. Perhaps even kamut?
Squish time!

End product! A valuable lesson. Always, always dust your toastie with salt and pepper, both sides. Will change your life, I swear it. And dont forget to nuttelex that toastie, outer ways!

Don't neglect your dog, he needs a breakfast too.

Have you ever seen such ooey gooey innards when it comes to vegan cheese before?
From a different angle you ask? How can I say no to you!

Breakfast drink. V8 enriched with oily flaxseed goodness. Mmmm, delicious. No really it is!

........I swear!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many posts, that cheese looks good, i reckon i might even be able to fool reece with that stuff. I am going to have to venture out to Vic market now to get some, i really should be studying though, lol

Philippa O said...

hi! it was great meeting you the other night at tj's pot luck. hope you got some good photos. I ate WAY too much to ride home! your blog looks fantastic, and so does that faux cheese. I'm so particular when it comes to that stuff, but that looks like i'd enjoy it. where at the vic markets can i find it?

Another Outspoken Female said...

That vegan cheese looks amazing, it actually melts. Do you know which stall sells it? (Tofu trek?) Is it made from soy?

Kiki said...

Why did I not know they sell vegan cheese at Vic Market?
I, too, want to know the answer to AOF's question. Where??

I have serious sandwich envy now...

Anonymous said...

What cheese do you use to melt? I'm after a soy cheese to use for pizzas, pasta bakes, toasties etc.
But it needs to be convenient as I would buy it regularly (eg - supermarket avail?)

Anonymous said...


Jesper said...

Kolios is not vegan as it contains milk protein (sodium caseinate). It says so on the package in very fine print.

Rachael Karasulas said...

Hi, did you ever get the vegan tuna mornay recipe? :)

Rachael Karasulas said...

Hi, did you ever get the vegan tuna mornay recipe? :)