Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So..I went to this potluck on the weekend...

....and it was so amazing!
It was a housewarming pot luck for my friends TJ and Alicia and also their housemate Kirk. They have rented an incredible space that was formerly a milk bar, kitted it out with couches and guitar hero, and will hopefully be hosting regular pot lucks, gigs, guitar hero championships and the like.

This pot luck was an awesome way to kick start the new place, there was a lot of people and a whole lot of foods to taste, indoor soccer, music and me having to rush the hell out of there in two hours because of exams....oh god I left so much food behind, it kills me to think of!

Here's some photographs I managed to snap before the hordes went crazy.

Garlic bread production line, courtesy of Zac!

Overeater's anonymous meeting.

It was basically a smorgasboard affair.

Alicia's quality guacamole.

McNabb's all organic mixed salad.

Rocket's pasta salad was not this blurry in real life, promise.

Dish of the tonight was without any doubt TJ's vegan take on "tuna mornay". I'm desperately trying to get the recipe from her so I'll try post it up here when I have my hands on it! Yum it was so creamy and tasty and I dont even LIKE tuna. Obviously.

I don't know who made this crazy peanut butter topped pecan fudge, but I'd like to have their babies.
Delightful roasted pumpkin pizza.

My unquenchable pastry desire was almost sated by these little mushroomy herb puff pastry cuppettes. I'm pretty sure they had some kind of...nut...there too.

Puff pastry obsession continues. A curried vegetable filled pie. Looked unassuming, tasted amazing.
Didn't try these cookies but apparently they were of the "crazy" variety containing crazy ingredients like cherries. This is what Rocket told me. Crazy.

Herby polenta bake. There was a tomatoey bolognese type sauce to go over the top too. Yum.

Oh my god! I was so ready to go on and on and realised that was the last photo! Damn I wish I could relive that night all over again, my stomach is absolutely squawking at the moment with longing. That's what I get for eating SOUP for dinner, just soup! How lousy.

My contribution you ask? The less said the better. Ok I'll say a little. Collapsed Oreo Cake.


kristy said...

I'm so bloody jealous and hungry now!

brendan said...

that tuna casserole is my recipe, dammit!

and i'd like to apologise to everyone else there for eating all of lidia's oreo cake. it was just that good.

Emily said...

Oh my, I REALLY want that tuna casserole recipe. PLEASE Brendan?

And can I post it on aduki?

Erin said...

Wow. That's a seriously astounding spread for a potluck. So many creative, delicious-sounding ideas.

Philippa O said...

I didn't get any oreo cake!!! where was the oreo cake??? I made those little mushroom puffs, and yes, they did have walnuts mixed in. That chicken/tuna casserole thing was amazing, going to work it out and make it for my household!

Philippa O said...

i'm glad you nabbed the last one and enjoyed it! the jewish grocer we got the cheese puffs and aero from is on carlisle st, next door to the green grocers on the corner, just up from the shell service station. we also went to the one you go to, because i saw the puffs in there AGES ago but i guess they stopped stocking them. good luck! oh and thanks for the invite to the next pot luck, i'm busy entertaining out-of-town parents but i'm keen to see the pictures and hopefully go to the next one...

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

What an awesome potluck! Everything looks delicious.

Mandee said...

Looks so good, what a great place a for a pot luck too.

I've tagged your for a survey, here's the link


Léna, said...

I was so cross I didn't get to go to this! Damn my gypsy runaway adventures.

Must pester TJ to do something similar asap.