Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Found on Isa's blog

Tips for a Successful Potluck

1) Coordinate with others so that not everyone is bringing sweets.

2) There has to be at least one lasagna.

3) Bring your A-game, spend a few hours in the kitchen, now is the time to impress, not to cut corners.

4) Bring something! And not a little bag of chips, either. If you absolutely can not cook something, then call the host and see what is needed - drinks, fresh fruit. Something. But if more than a few people are doing this, that makes for a crappy potluck.

5) Don’t plan on cooking at the host’s house. What the hell is that about? If you have to do that, then call the host and see that it’s okay. Warming up is absolutely permitted, but preparing your whole dish there without warning? No. Just no, never, no.

6) Bring big portions. Some people have said they bring enough for 6, but why? Is it really that much harder to cook for 12? Like I said, now is the time to go all out. Make time in your schedule, prioritize the potluck. Mean business!

7) Help the host clean up. Or at least offer to. They will probably say no.

8) The host should not be doing most of the cooking. As the host it’s your job to really bring it because it’s your kitchen, but it isn’t your job to bring…all of it.

There are very few gripes I have when it comes to potlucks - if there is delicious food, I'm in a happy place, but this list probably takes all those little things that have irked me ever so mildly in my eight odd years of potlucking, and condenses them!

Having said that I am EXTRAORDINARILY guilty of Number 8. And I will be. Forever. You cant stop me from OVERCOOKING!!


Lisa Dempster said...

Isa's potluck rules cracked me up! Though it kinda makes me scared to ever go to a potluck with her...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there are any people who HATE garlic bread...? Im yet to meet one.

I like making a paste with the butter ,garlic, parsley, salt and i find that adding some lemon juice makes it even more moorish and tastier :-)