Saturday, March 7, 2009

let me catch you 1.

I have no excuses for what I have become, that is, a lazy, lazy blogger. It's not like I haven't been consistently gorging myself, or neglecting to take photos, or had no access to the Internet. I've been doing all three, in spades. I just plain suck. But now that I am back at uni, I feel my life once again has the structure that it was lacking over the summer holidays. By structure I mean motivation to do anything but snooze in the backyard. So. The purpose of this post is basically to spew up a season's worth of food photography and perhaps a few lines about each of them, just to kinda sorta start afresh, and do it properly. Okay?

Let's do this.

Satay Bar


Satay Bar is quite possibly the closest eatery to my work that offers something but noodles swimming in oily slop or undercooked falafel, so it wouldn't be too far from the truth to say that I eat there often, especially now that they are open until 7pm. They offer vegetable, tofu and spicy tofu skewers as far as the vegan friendly offerings are, served on a bed of rice with cubed veggie salad and "krupuk" - like prawn crackers with, er, no prawn. But crispy. For an extra 20 cents, they'll give you an additional scoop of satay sauce. Pay the extra 20 cents. You wont never regret it.

Satay Bar

Corner of Flinders Lane and Custom House Lane, Melbourne city.

Friend's of the Earth

Despite regularly frequenting Smith Street like the trendy hipster that I am, I've never really had much use for FOE apart from using them for their noticeboards. With so many other fine eateries in the area, I've been so neglectful of FOE, so when I found myself paying for a huge plate of food with coins I dug up in my change purse (I dont actually have a change purse, just so you know) I wondered to myself why I had been such a jerk?


Though simple, the food was actually really filling and delicious. A huge variety of legumes, grains and freshly prepared vegetables, you will leave the table feeling satisfied and super healthy, smug in the knowledge that yes you did just eat a meal that supplied you with a complete protein! Oh those elusive eight essential amino acids, unsynthesisable by the human body! I have heard that the food can be a bit hit and miss, depending on whose running the kitchen on the day, but I can definitely say, this day was a good one.

Friends of the Earth

312 Smith Street



Kinda greasy, undervegetabled noodles. Teensy (for me) serving? Super long wait to get them? Lack of any other veggie friendly options? Meh.


Though I must say, Kristy was mighty impressed with the banquet option, so perhaps that might be the wiser choice. But they've lost me, lost me forever. Unless you're paying?

Iku Yakitori

139 Sydney Road


Food my friend Mark cooked for me, and others.

I must say, dinner parties are the new black.



There's nothing quite like a mid afternoon text message, just as you're lamenting the lack of food in the house and money in your back account, inviting you to what you know will be an amazing meal shared with good folk. And it was. Thanks Mark!

I cant remember...

where or what this was. Though it appears to be some kind of muesli. With some kind of fruit on it. Possibly...pear. My powers of deduction amaze even me.


Kristy & Toby's BIG MARRIAGE DAY!!

A small selection of the food pics from the loveliest wedding I have ever attended!



Ooooh I only seem to have these two pictures. My uploading skills are lacking. Spose I'll be back with part two in oooooh, another four months. NO I KID, I KID!! Three months.

Oh and my camera is broken. Bum.


Another Outspoken Female said...

I so miss Satay Bar, there central city one closed ages ago and that was literally across the road from my work. Now I'm hanging out for a tofu satay meal something bad.

Miss T said...

Welcome back! And lovely photies of the vegan jelly shots.

Anonymous said...

You know that Yakitori means grilled chicken right?! That would possibly explain the lack of vegetatian/vegan options, and Japanese meals are usually tiny. x

Anonymous said...

lidia! yes! blog more!

I'm Philippa O said...

OH. MY. GOD. Please keep doing this! we've been waiting so long for your return! and i too only just visited friends of the earth for lunch and was mighty impressed.

holly fluxx-snaxx said...

you are so cool!!!
x x x x x xx
<3 holly

sarah said...

good to see you blogging again lidia!!!

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Sylvia said...

Vegan jelly shots?! Fantastico! I can't wait to find the recipe! I love those things! And the tofu skewers are making my mouth water. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

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