Saturday, September 8, 2007

Green Field Restaurant

It was one of the freezingest days of winter and I was feeling rather indecisive. I had made Rocket stroll up and down Sydney Road with me (from Albion St to Brusnwick Road and back again) searching for a yet undiscovered dining gem. Nowhere in particular, just something delicious. In the end, it was my bladder that made the decision and when it all got much too much for it, we entered the nearest establishment, which happened to be Green Field Restaurant.

Immediately it smelt like burning. But hey, burning means cooking, and cooking means food, so we sat down (after brief interlude with bathroom) and perused the menus. The vegetarian section was quite pleasing, and I did have difficulty deciding what I wanted. It was a toss up between some variety of eggplant deliciousness (I'm always tempted by eggplant dishes because it is something I am entirely shite at cooking whilst at home) and the incredibly genius sounding "tofu satay stack" or some such. I went the stack. Look at it!!

I was really, really impressed with this meal. For the most part, I'm used to meat serving Asian restaurants having a fairly okay range of stir fried vegetables with beancurd, or satay vegetables or some such, but I was so chuffed to be presented with this creative and delicious meal created exclusively for the enjoyment of vegetarians. Basically, it was a stack of about 3 square slices of deep fried tofu, layered with a spicy, coconutty satay sauce and a bed of vegetables on the bottom, included shredded carrot and lettuce, broccoli, some random peas, carrot, capsicum and baby corn. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, the tofu crisp and the satay just bound it all together. I understand its not too far removed from the usual satay and beancurd dishes, but I am pretty easily impressed and it was a cut above the usual.

Rocket decided to go with the Monk's Bowl because he often strives to eat like a monk but then fails because I make him eat peanut butter chocolate icecream.

It was a simple and soothing dish of broth, noodles, puffy tofu and vegetables, exactly as described in the menu and delightful in its own way. Not as delightful as TOFU SATAY stack but hey, monks cant have everything.

We enjoyed some delicious asian broccoli with garlic sauce on the side, and this is what it looked like.

Mmm..delicious and most generous garlic studding.

Green Field Asian Restaurant was a pleasant surprise, well priced food and really a great variety for vegetarians and vegans alike. And the burning smell went away eventually.

Green Field Asian Restaurant
378 Sydney Road

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